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Explain to me

Why would I choose Iran for rhinoplasty?

Nasal cosmetic surgery or rhinoplasty in Iran is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed on almost all girls over 18 years of age

for this reason, many established professional and reliable centers for nasal cosmetic surgery in Iran.

On the other hand, the cost of doing this in Iran is not comparable to any other country! The reason is the difference between the dollar price and the inherent low cost of medical supplies in Iran.

Given this description

How much is the average cost of rhinoplasty in Iran?

Since the rhinoplasty performance is different from nose to nose, and actually gets done accordingly with different approaches and techniques.
The average price of nasal surgery procedures starts from 1300$

You must consider 500-700 $ for accommodation and other excess Costs.

Natural nose surgery in Iran

The popular style of nasal cosmetic surgery is especially natural for men with nasal surgery that removes the appearance of nasal defects and does not give the puppet or head shape.
In this style of operation, IRAN NOSE TOUR has prepared the best surgeons to provide you with excellent service.

before and after Rhinoplasty

Below are pictures of before and after rhinoplasty performed in Iran.

Before and After Photos.

rhinoplasty vacation in iran

kill two birds with one stone. Iran as nose capital of the plastic surgery world providing tourist with world -class services is a reasonable destination for Rhinoplasty vacation.

Comfortable recovery

comfortable recovery after nose surgery On vacation in Iran

When can I get revision rhinoplasty?

guaranteed revision rhinoplasty

cooperating with experienced surgeon with years of experience makes Iran nose tour dare to guarantee the result of Rhinoplasty in Iran .

in case of any problem caused by our company we will provide you with free revision Rhinoplasty including accommodation and all excess costs.

two types of nose surgery in iran

Closed and open procedure

there are two common techniques for Rhinoplasty in Iran famous as closed and open nose job .

closed Rhinoplasty in Iran is performed by creating incisions within the nose structure and invisible cut in front part of nose.

open Rhinoplasty in Iran  is the procedure that surgeon creates  a small incision in the columella between the nostrils and then makes additional incisions inside the nose.

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