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Qom tour

Qom Tour for pilgrimage to the holy shrine of Prophet Masoumeh (PBUH) and tourist areas of Qom city by Iran nose tout with best accommodation and medical facilities in Qom for rhinoplasty.

Our mission is to secure and prosper in Qom Tour.

Pilgrimage to Qom

Pilgrimage to Qom with best price and best quality to Jamkaran Mosque and Hazrat Masoumeh (PBUH).

accommodation in Qom

Safe and quiet accommodation to enjoy the best of Qom’s best hotels to visit the city’s historic sites or pilgrimages

Rhinoplasty in Qom

rhinoplasty in Qom for respected travelers who are planning both nose surgery and pilgrimage to Qom.

about Qom

A few words about Qom city

Qom is known as the religious capital of Iran.

Qom owes its greatest fame to the shrine of Prophet Masoumeh (AS), which shines through the city as it shines and reads a large number of pilgrims every year to its image. To the person of this city. However, Qom has many tourist attractions.

travel to Qom

Qom tourism attractions

The main tourist and attractions of Qom are:

The shrine of Prophet Masumah (PBUH) , Jamkaran Mosque, Salt Lake Salt Lake, City of Cork, The shrine of contemporary scholars, Grand Mosque, Faizia School, Green Dome Garden Tombs, Prophet Khezr Mount

best hotels in Qom city

Qom hotels

The pilgrimage city of Qom attracts many tourists annually. Therefore there are many hotels in this city with the most famous being:

Qom International Hotel, Qom Sun Hotel, Crimean Hotel of Qom, Qom, formalities hotel, Pearl Hotel of Qom, Qom Olympic Hotel, Hotel Parsia Qom, Hotel Jamil Qom, Sadeghiyeh Hotel in Qom

medical services in Qom

rhinoplasty in Qom

rhinnoplasty in Qom by the most experienced surgeons and the best medical centers of this city for respected travelers and tourists.

At the same time as you are on a pilgrimage trip, do your rhinoplasty at the best price in Iran.

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